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The Importance of Team Building Events

ALA Discuss the Importance of Team Building Events

Akeroyd Leung Amlani Chartered Professional Accountants are driven in their efforts to establish a positive, tight-knit office culture and credit team building events for helping them maintain a happy and healthy work life balance.

Proactively managing morale is a high priority for the partners of ALA and one of the main ways they do this is by holding their Quarterly Team Events. These often revolve around a team activity that the staff can all look forward to and bond over which provides an opportunity to hang out together, outside of the usual office setting. In the past, extracurricular events organized by ALA have included a weekend excursion to Whistler, an evening spent at the Marpole Curling Club and Halloween themed comedy improv in East Vancouver.

As well as boosting morale, staff events have been proven to enhance creativity and productivity, creating open and engaged working environments and giving team members a chance to let loose outside of the confines of the workplace.

Most recently, members of the accounting firm headed to the Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts to take part in the fast-paced corporate team building competition known as “Iron Chef.” The cooking challenge saw the group split up into three teams as they were given 45 minutes and a table of mystery ingredients to create a three-course menu from scratch. Left to their own devices, team members battled it out in the kitchen with hopes of winning the prize for the best executed and most creative menu, by the school’s resident professional chef.

Following their pressure-cooker challenge, the group were invited to dine in PICA’s fine dining restaurant, Bistro 101, where they enjoyed a culinary feast prepared by advanced students of the institute. The team’s shared love of good food and fine wine made this the perfect team building event to excite and engage every member of ALA’s workforce.

Speaking about the event, Marty Bastedo of ALA said: “Believe it or not, accountants need to flex their creative muscle once in a while to stay engaged. The event was a great way to work in non-conventional team structures and deliver the best “tasting” team product.” The evening presented the partners with an opportunity to give the entire team a well-deserved break from the confines of the office and the encroaching Tax Season.

Company partner, Khalid Amlani, weighed in on the benefits of staff events such as the recent cooking class; “Our people are the most important part of our business. Events like this build strong relationships and trust which unlocks productive teamwork.

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